My Idea

My documentary proposition

So, the big reveal.

In week three, our class had to present an idea each that we had thought of, how we would have access, when it could be filmed and how the film could portray a place or an individual. This was one of the hardest, if not the hardest, section of the course.

My idea is to record the life of a particular ‘busker’ (Busking is the act of performing in public places for gratuities … People engaging in this practice are called street performers or buskers. From ) This will entail following a particular busker who I have selected on the basis of his locality, he lives in Brighton, and his extraordinary story of success. This is the twist of the film, to show the opposite ends of street life, the divide between busking and begging, and whether busking is a sustainable way of life and whether the art form will die out. The issues of social media and internet fame I feel threaten more classical ways of making money through music. I have talked to BBC radio Sussex presenter Melita Dennett who puts on the ‘BBC introducing‘ section of the station as she deals with another method of finding musical talent.

What I wanted to do was ‘cover all bases’ as it were to try and find the most exciting documentary on Busking and Buskers I could. I am excited to learn more about the subject! Hopefully, coming at this subject from as many angles as possible will not only give me the ability to see the best angle to approach the documentary in how I present facts but also cherry pick all the best information I have that is relevant to my subjects of the longevity of busking as a career in 2017.

There turns out to be a good reason for all the reading we are told to do because it all factors into our final film!

There are always difficulties in filming and creating a documentary that is unforeseeable no matter the amount of planning put into a project, so I’m sure the original idea, storyboards, shot lists and narrative patterns will change as the idea is further developed, but isn’t that the joy of cinema? Buskers readily available as they are all over the streets of Brighton, where I am currently based, and they want to be noticed so are easy to find and ready, and excited, to be filmed.

In the creating of this idea and its development, I have looked over the reading set in week two of this module by Rabiger, chapter eleven on ‘Developing Your Story Ideas‘. But as with any idea, there are issues that will arise such as being in contact with a busker efficiently to plan an interview and so on, but I will cover this in my next post on the presentation of my group’s idea in week six.

I will discuss any developments in my idea in later blog posts. Although I am able to edit this post after publishing it, I think it is important and interesting to see where my films idea was at this time in my project.


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