Authorship and Circulation


This presentation was a lot shorter so there are very few notes.

Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton was one of the first artists to create ‘Pop art’. This bulging expressive style highlights a ‘cartoony’ style of art came to challenge ‘fine art’ as it was then, in the 1980’s, “Keen to embrace certain types of technology within his art, Hamilton began creating computer-generated works in the 1980s.” (From: )

His style is another of collating images to make a point, in a similar way to Joachim Schmid and Penelope Umbrico, and this is something I am going to have to consider for my final series.

We are required to produce 6-8 images for our final piece as this will give a running trend throughout the work. An image has added meaning in comparison to what was before it and after it and so I will have to be specific in the ordering of my final images. A single image on its own can convey a very specific meaning but a number of photos, all altered in a similar way will also give meaning to each image.

Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf’s work seems to be similar to a photographer I mentioned in my first post, Kevin Cobos.

Michael Wolf seems to be interested in the uniformity of buildings. His works highlight how identical buildings in the modern and 3rd world are. This could purely be an aesthetic appreciation, but his photos have circulated based on his specific style of shooting. He is in a certain way, an auteur. He designs all aspects of his images to create a specific effect that he conveys using his photography.

In Conclusion

These two photographers have used their art in very specific ways to create a new aspect to art. Their development of visual style have labelled them authors of their own unique style of art and have lead to more people exploring their particular brand of art. Richard Hamilton for example can be said to have been an influence for artists like Andy Warhol, Gary Grayson and Ahmad Nusyirwan. (This is just an example, these artists may not have been influenced by Richard Hamilton’s work). Further circulation of artists work will lead to a wider appreciation for the different style of photography and art as spreading images and ideas is being made easier by technology.

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