Reading Log Week 8

Lofi Rosa Menkman – A Vernacular of File Formats

Previously, I have edited photos to make them appeared glitched.

To achieve these effects was a process of photoshopping every little detail, whereas data-bending I believe, is a process of editing the data of an image to create effects similar to this.

Data-bending, as Lofi Rosa Menkman describes it, is a process of altering ‘key-aspects’ of an image to obscure its resolve. This can be done in so many ways as she shows.

  • Altering the dimensions of an image when opening it
  • Changing the RGBRGBRGB formation of pixels
  • Opening the data in Microsoft Word and reformatting it to fit this file format, then bringing this reformatted data into a photo editing software
  • Using different file formats repeatedly to change how in image works
  • etc.







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