Further Research into my Idea

Jared Ficklin is a designer and has a passion for visualising music. My idea revolves around being able to visualise music and capture that in an image, so I have researched into Ficklins work.

For more on Ficklin see https://reasons.to/2011/brighton/speakers/jared-ficklin and his website https://www.frogdesign.com/ )

New ways to see music (with colour! and fire!)

Ficklin’s presentations shows different ways to ‘see’ music and sound. First he uses a Rubens tube. This is a long tube of metal with holes bored into the top, connected to a tank of propane. When different frequencies are played through the tube the fire from the holes adjust to the sound.

Rubens Tube

(See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpCquUWqaYw and https://powermountainengineering.org/projects/rubens-tube/ for more)

He goes on to use a similar product, a flame table. This shows sound and frequency in a different way. Instead of just showing just amplitude and frequency it is more articulate in its representation of sound.

Flame Table

Rendering songs

He began by rendering the frequencies of one band’s song and then the rest, he then compiled these into one visual impression;

Redering Smells like Teen Spirit

Just by looking at other song’s sound waves, it can be identified which song a Nirvana fan would enjoy just based on how the waveforms look.

Video opening

He finishes up this presentation by talking about the TED talk opening. Just by having the sound waves seen in real time, even without hearing anything, separate parts of the audio can be seen.

TED talk sound waves

This final idea comes into what I wanted to capture in the radio recording booth with the various audio levels in the studio. Ficklin thinks this concept is exciting, as he says, “You can get the tone and the timbre and the pace of the speech, things that you can’t get out of closed captioning.”

Visualising sound is another way to enjoy it and this is what I want to capture in my final project. 

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