First Photo Projects – Week 3

These photos were all taken on the same excursion where I was tasked with two exercises.


As a method to get me to look at my surroundings in a new way, to see them as shapes, I was instructed to ‘spell my name’ in photos.



The E

I was very up close to the rail and used the zoom and a large aperture to blur the background whilst having the rail in sharp focus. I could have emphasized the letter by using a larger aperture and zooming further but I thought it was clear what letter I wanted. I also turned the photo 90°.

The 1st D

This was the top of a sign in front of a tea room. The semi-circle in black shows a clear D shape so it was a no-brainer. Again I turned the photo 90°.

The 2nd D

I had seen a bike rack used as an ‘M’ so was already looking at this subject. It seemed obvious to me that the bike rack, with the photo rotated, resembled a ‘D’.

The Y

This was the hardest letter to get for me. I should have used the zoom and a large aperture for this signpost to emphasize the ‘Y’ shape, the background does seem to be a part of the image.


This was a fun task but also an interesting one. Having to think creatively and look at my surroundings in a new way was quite difficult for me, but is important when considering composition and how subjects in a photo interact. I will be going out again to write my surname, this may be harder than ‘EDDY’.

4-Photo Series

For this next task, I was told to go into a nearby village and take a series of photos all connected by a theme. I ended up taking 97 photos for my series of 4. A lot of these are of the same subject but taken from different angles with different settings. Even though the subject does not change, how the photo is taken changes the connotations of the photo as a whole. (All photos have not been edited in any way).



These are the photos I think share a theme, abandoned. It was quite a cloudy day and the village felt empty to me. My first inclination of this village was how there were so few people there so I tried to take photos to reflect this.

The first, the empty benches, shows that perhaps there were people there, or people are expected to be there, but the absence of people is all the more evident due to the number of benches. I reckon a closer shot of on bench with the other empty benches in the background would have conveyed my purpose of the photo more clearly.

The empty phone-box that is missing the phone was to again to show an absence of persons. The fact that it is a phone-box with no phone shows perhaps the village is abandoned with no need for a phone, and/or nobody is there to fix the phone-box. It is also a follow-on perhaps from the shot previous, showing a close-up of one aspect of the shot.

The stables in the third shot again show the empty, abandoned nature of this village. The low-key lighting within the stables shows just how empty the space is. Similar to the post box, the fact that the stables were built shows in the past there was a need for them, there used to be horses and thus people in the village, but no more. I’ve tried to create some meaning in the number of poles of the stables, how they go on and how they are no longer used shows perhaps time moving on or an age ending.

Finally the sign for the Stanmer tea rooms. This shot is also showcasing an old, unchanged, un-cared for image of this village. The rust consuming the sign and discolouration of the house in the background both indicate they have not been maintained. This shows a theme of abandonment in every photo.

After this series, I also noticed how many instances of brokenness or DIY there were in the village. This shows the resilient nature of the village people or again how the village was abandoned.


These are the photos I hoped would convey abandonment also, however they did not work as well with the other photos, I thought.

In Conclusion

These two tasks taught me to look for shapes in ‘the wild’ and to be creative with images. The second especially was informative in teaching me how to locate trends in one location. Having to weave a narrative in just photos was not something I have done before, but is something I will have to do more of for my final portfolio or this module. I do at least get to plan this final portfolio, unlike this series, and I have longer to do this final series.

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