Reading Log Week 2

John Berger: Ways of seeing Ch.1

Immediately John Berger hits on a similar topic to Ingledew last week, that an image is a captured memory or event, however, Berger also strikes a point that goes beyond photography. He talks about the different meanings, different connotations, that one subject can have and how they change over time, giving the example of fire in the middle ages and now. He doesn’t mention any more factors that change the perspective of a subject, other than time. For instance geography, socio-economical background, age etc. (Stuart Hall’s reception theory talks on this point further, 1973).

Berger goes onto photo reproducing of famous pieces of art and how this does not devalue the art but creates a new interpretation of that piece of art. He then goes on to discuss photo reproduction in succession. Film. This is interesting to me as I study film, but also as I have an interest in triptychs and/or polyptychs, a series of three or many painted panels telling a story. Their succession tells the story, not just the contents of each panel and this allows for movement and further interpretation.

Further on Berger talks about captioning. This is another method at a photographer/artists hands to add meaning and layer in interpretation to a piece of work.





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