Photo Progression – Week 2

This week was a test in focal legnths and apeture using the same D7000 as last time with the 16-85mm lens. The tests I was doing were to see the alteration in photographs when changing the apeture and zoom of the camera.


In this photo I wanted to show the short focal-legnth so have used a wide apeture of f5.6. This puts the leaf in sharp focus opposed to the background which is blurred as a result of the small apeture. Another result of the wide apeture is that a lot more light is let in on to sensor resulting in a brighter image. This was shot with a 1/60 shutter speed in a dim corridor which is why I had to boost the image with sensor gain or ISO of 1250.

These three shots show no change in focal legnth, but that there is an ability to focus on each part of the same subject but not at the same time. I did not zoom or change any other settings apart from where the focus of the image is. It is interesting to see them in succession and how each photo has different connotations.

Between these two shots only the zoom on the lens was changed. In the photo on the left the background is a lot more blurred than on the right but the f-stop has not changed. This shows the relationship between f-stops and zoom and how each alters how an image looks and focal legnth.

This shows a new layer to my photographic progression, last week showed getting a well lit image, and this week showed focal legnth apeture and zoom.

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