First Photos – Week 1

I think it would be a good activity, and an interesting visual aid, to regularly upload my photos throughout the module to note my progression.

My first lesson;

A lot of these images are just terrible, even for somebody starting photography, but I think it is important to see progression with both photos I think look good and photos I know are not. All of these photos show my progression as a photographer and seeing the various effects of each technique helped inform me of the correct settings to use when taking photos. Taking all sorts of photos is important as it let me know where some features should be used, i.e the different settings needed for indoor VS outdoor photographs.

Later we went into a studio where light could be controlled and used long exposures to see how light can be gained from a pitch dark room with a long enough exposure (letting in light onto the sensor for longer). The images from this were not taken on my camera as a longer exposer requires more time, and everyone wanted to have the photo, but I can explain the experiment.

With all the lights off, we set the camera to an exposure period of 15 seconds. Then we used the lights on out phones to write, the long exposure shows every frame captured in that exposure in one image. I have done this before with sparklers and do have this image.

Long exposure test

This is the effect that was created.

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